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Racing & Track Support Services


The Pocono Sportscar crew provides racing and track support services at many track and race events along the east coast. To view the list of events we are planning to provide support for, please visit our Schedule of Events. If you would like more information regarding our racing and track support, please contact us.


All fees listed are always subject to change. Additional fees may be assessed for special circumstances but will be discussed with clients prior to events. Clients who commit to track events will be invoiced and charged prior to the event.



Car Transport

Crew Travel

Data Acquistion


$750.00 / track day




$150.00 / track day

as required



During every event, our crew provides professional support to allow you to fully enjoy your driving experience. All aspects of the vehicle are closely monitored. In the event of any issues or failures, our crew will do its best to repair your vehicle in a safe, operable manner in the shortest time possible. We do our best to stock commonly used parts, so as to be best prepared for most situations. Cold beverages and light refreshments are always served. As discussed below, any fuel, tires, and/or parts used will be charged in addition to the support fee.



Prior to every event, we do a comprehensive vehicle check and preparation. All suspension, brake, and engine components are checked and evaluated, and the vehicle receives a four-wheel laser alignment along with a full interior and exterior cleaning. The actual cost of preparation depends on the vehicle model and type of event.


In the event that a supported vehicle was not prepared at our shop prior to an event, there may be additional charges if the vehicle exhibits any mechanical issues or failures. Thus, a vehicle preparation at our shop is strongly recommended.

Car Transportation


If requested, Pocono Sportscar can transport your vehicle both to and from any race event. We utilize both a double-car trailer and a single-car trailer, depending on event needs. Rates are variable, based on the situation, but are competitively priced.


On the occasion that our trailers are unavailable, we do contract out vehicle transportation to trusted high-value vehicle transportation companies, like Horseless Carriage Transport, Sunday Auto Transport, and Superior Towing of Orlando. When a contracted transportation company is used, transport fees will be discussed with clients, and change on an event-by-event basis.

Crew Travel fee                                              


A fee will be charged to cover the travel costs of the Pocono Sportscar crew. The actual cost depends on a number of variables, like event location, number of crew members traveling, time of year, airline ticket costs, etc. This fee will be determined on an event-by-event basis and can be discussed with our crew prior to any event.

Data Acquisition & Logging (optional)


Pocono Sportscar can manage, log, interpret, and share any and all data acquired at track events. We regularly deal with Magnetti Marelli, TraqMate, and AiM data logging systems, but can deal with any modern data system. Our race engineer can download and discuss the data with drivers to aid in driver skill and development. In addition to logging information from onboard systems, we record all tire pressures, tire temperatures, all vehicle set-up information, weather conditions, lap times, and much more.


We use a shared Dropbox folder to allow clients to view all of their data.

Parts, Fuel, Tires, etc.                                    


Any tires, brake pads, brake rotors, etc. installed or used on a vehicle will be charged for in addition to regular support costs. Any fuel used at the track that is purchased by Pocono Sportscar will be charged to the client, plus an additional 10% credit charge, so it is recommended that clients purchase fuel on their own credit/debit cards.

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