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Pocono Sportscar possesses a highly-trained and skilled staff, with a breadth and depth of knowledge in Ferrari service, repair, set-up, and support that is virtually unrivaled in the North Eastern United States. Each employee shares the same incredible passion and dedication to Ferraris and their work on them. While we do have a small team relative to similar shops, we consistently deliver high-quality work at relatively low prices. Every client is our number one client - we will always go above and beyond to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

James J. McGee

Founder / Owner / Workshop Manager

FerrariChat username: Dr_ferrari

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James McGee is a seasoned expert in the world of Ferrari, with over three decades of experience working with some of the most iconic models in the brand's history. His journey began in 1986 when he joined Ferrari North America as a Prep Technician, where he quickly rose through the ranks to become a Master Technician. In this role, Jim was responsible for overseeing all vehicle imports, including the legendary Ferrari "halo" cars such as the 288 GTO and F40.

In 1991, Jim took on the role of Manager of Ferrari Publications for all of North America, further cementing his position as a leading authority on the brand. He then became a Workshop Manager in 1994, where he was chiefly in charge of New Car Preparation and Distribution for the North American market. After leaving Ferrari North America in 1997 to work with Shelton Sportscars as a Master Technician, he then joined Ferrari of Central Florida & Classic Coach in 1999 as a Workshop/Team Manager. There, he managed the Ferrari Challenge team, which ran the F355 and then the 360 Challenge cars in the Ferrari Challenge Series.

Jim is a Ferrari/Maserati Certified Technician for nearly all vehicle models, and his extensive experience and expertise in the repair and service of Ferraris are virtually unrivaled in the United States. After taking a temporary break to raise his children, Jim opened Pocono Sportscar in 2007, where he has continued to build his legacy as a top-tier Ferrari specialist. He manages the business with the help and love of his wife, Linda, and is a very capable business manager who aims to continue developing Pocono Sportscar.


Jason Dignardi

Master Technician / Fabrication


Jason is an experienced auto mechanic with a passion for all things automotive. He joined the team at Pocono Sportscar in June 2013 and has been an integral member ever since. In addition to his role as a master technician in the shop, he also assists with track events, where his skills are put to the test under high-pressure conditions.

With a deep knowledge of automotive repair, fabrication, and welding, Jason brings a wealth of expertise to his work at Pocono Sportscar. He is dedicated to ensuring that every vehicle he works on is in top condition, and he takes great pride in his ability to diagnose and repair even the most complex mechanical problems.

Jason's passion for automobiles extends beyond his work at Pocono Sportscar. In his free time, he enjoys tinkering with cars and is always eager to share his knowledge with others.

From vintage sports cars to modern high-performance vehicles, Jason approaches each job with the same level of dedication and attention to detail. His commitment to quality and his passion for all things automotive make him a valuable asset to the team at Pocono Sportscar, and his customers can always count on him to provide reliable and expert service.

Linda McGee

Co-Owner / Office Manager

As both the co-owner and office manager of the company, Linda, Jim's wife, brings years of experience in office management

In her role as office manager, Linda is responsible for overseeing the organization of important business documents ensuring that Pocono Sportscar is organized and running well behind the scenes. Her attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills have made her a vital member of the team.

Linda is also a loving mother & grandmother, a role that she takes great pride in. Her dedication to her family is evident in everything she does, and she is committed to providing her children & grandchildren with the love and support they need to thrive.

Overall, Linda's exceptional organizational skills, dedication to family, and commitment to excellence have made her an invaluable member of the Pocono Sportscar team.


Bill Stagan

Automotive Service Technician

Bill Stagan is a skilled Automotive Service Technician at Pocono Sportscar with a passion for cars and years of experience in the automotive industry.

As an Automotive Service Technician, Bill is responsible for performing a wide range of repair and maintenance services on various makes and models of cars & exotics. He has a keen eye for detail and takes great pride in his work, ensuring that every vehicle that comes through the dealership receives the highest level of care and attention


Bill Stagan serves as an integral part of the Pocono Sportscar team. With his technical expertise and commitment to excellence, he helps to ensure that every customer who visits the dealership leaves satisfied with the service they receive.


Rob Shiavone

Automotive Service Technician

Rob Shiavone is a highly skilled Automotive Service Technician, bringing years of expertise to his role at Pocono Sportscar. Previously an Automotive Service Technician at Jack Daniels Audi of Upper Saddle River from 2017 to 2019, Rob is well-versed in diagnosing and repairing vehicles. His experience and technical know-how make him an invaluable member of the Pocono Sportscar team.

During his time at Jack Daniels Audi, Rob gained a reputation for his attention to detail and customer service skills. He was responsible for performing a wide range of maintenance and repair services, including oil changes, brake inspections, and engine diagnostics. Rob's ability to communicate technical information to customers in a clear and concise manner made him quickly become known for his friendly demeanor and professional attitude.

Since joining the Pocono Sportscar team, Rob has continued to build on his impressive track record, delivering high-quality service to every customer who comes through the shop. With his exceptional technical skills, friendly personality, and commitment to excellence, customers know they can trust him to take care of their prized possessions. 

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