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Major Service                        

A Ferrari "major service" refers to the typical engine service needed on all Ferrari engines with timing belts. It is strongly recommended that this service be done every 5 years or 30,000 miles. Genuine Ferrari parts are always used unless otherwise requested or specified.


See below for pricing per model.


A major service on your Ferrari at Pocono Sportscar includes, but is not limited to:

  • Replace the alternator/water pump, air climate control system compressor, and power steering pump drive belts

  • Replace engine oil and filter (Liqui-Moly oil) 

  • Replace timing drive belt(s)

  • Replace the timing belt tensioner and idler bearings

  • Replace camshaft seals

  • Adjust valve clearance

  • Replace water pump seal (Testarossa only, all others inspection of condition)

  • Inspect cooling system connections and hoses

  • Flush, refill, and bleed the cooling system

  • Replace air cleaners/filters

  • Replace fuel filters

  • Add fuel injection cleaner additive to fuel (Techron)

  • Inspect lines and connections of the fuel injection system

  • Inspect ignition system: cables and connections

  • Replace spark plugs

  • Inspect blow-by system

  • Replace the gearbox and differential oil

  • Inspect the "F1 Gearbox" system oil level (if applicable) 

  • Inspect the level of fluid for power steering - possible bleeding (if applicable)

  • Flush and bleed brake/clutch fluid and set level

  • Inspect wiper blades and operation – top off washer fluid and check operation

  • Inspect brake system: pipes/hoses, calipers, connections; dashboard warning light operation; hand brake operation

  • Inspect braking surface wear (disks, pads); replace if necessary

  • Adjust gearbox shift control (if applicable)

  • Adjust parking brake

  • Inspect front and rear suspension: joints and tightness

  • Inspect steering system, knuckle joint protection, steering rack boots, linkage boots, axle shaft boots

  • Inspect tightening screws and bolts on the bodywork

  • Inspect headlight aiming

  • Inspect chassis and protected area integrity

  • Lubricate door, boot, bonnet, engine lid hinges, and locks/cables

  • Car road test, tire pressure set, and wheel nut tightening

  • Pressure wash, clean, and detail engine/gearbox assembly


Baseline Pricing

Testarossa                                $7,200.00
512TR/512M                               $7,200.00
308/328 Fuel Injected               $6,800.00
348/Mondial                             $6,800.00
F355 (incl. Challenge)              $6,800.00
550/456/575                              $6,800.00
360 (incl. Challenge)               $6,800.00
F-40                                           $7,500.00


Annual Service 

A Ferrari "minor service" is strongly recommended to be done once per year, typically at the beginning of the warm weather season. With Pocono Sportscar, a minor service includes, but is not limited to:


  • Engine Oil/Filter Service

  • Brake Fluid Flush/Bleed

  • Check all vehicle systems

  • Vehicle Safety Check


Starting at $499.00

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